A Day Trip to Macau

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Hmm... Where should I start...

Macau is an interesting place. Its fusion with Portuguese culture is shown in all over the city, but at the same time you can still feel that it's in China. It is also a blend between the sin and the grace as you can find many casinos all over the city, but you will also find the churches nearby.
A day trip (or more) to Macau, bundled with your Hong Kong trip, is a must.

Getting to Macau
Okay, first I know that we can pre-booked the ferry ticket online but at the end we decided to buy the ticket on the spot. So, we went to Kowloon Ferry Terminal (it's near Kowloon Park) at 8am. No rush or ambition at all. A very loose trip. Call it my fault, that I forgot it was a weekend after Easter. The queue was already long when we arrived. We, then, went to the Turbojet ticketing counter and bought our ticket. Due to holiday, our ticket price was raised about HKD 164, so, it's total HKD 530 for round trip. Sooo expensive :(

But luckily we got the departure schedule at 9am, which we could directly queue to departure gate. After the staff assigned our seat, we continued to immigration. Yes, even though both Hong Kong and Macau are part of China, but we still need another immigration, just like entering new country. The officer scanned our passport and took our departure card (which we filled when about to land at HKG airport). If you lose the card, don't worry. You can always get a new one there.
A ferry ride was actually an interesting experience for me, But unfortunately, I was too tired to enjoy the ride. I fell asleep instantly when the ferry departed, hahaha.

Arriving at Macau
We then arrived at Macau outer port Ferry Terminal. Another immigration check, and we went out to find free shuttle bus. Yes, big hotels and casinos in Macau provide free shuttle bus from the terminal. You can hop and off freely. They won't check if you really are their guest. The free shuttle bus really saved my money as I can go to nearly everywhere in the city without paying.
The Outer Harbor
Free shuttle bus!

The first shuttle bus we took was going to Grand Lisboa Hotel. Grand Lisboa was one of the hotel that is close to Senado Square. We got off at the hotel's basement parking area and we were directly entering the casino area (oh, I had never seen the casino that huge!). Just walked through the casino casually towards the Loby, it's totally fine (as long as you're not under 21 years old). You can also stop to see people playing their games. But taking picture is a NO. You should take this seriously, as I saw someone being yelled and approached by the casino's body guards just because she took pictures. Hopefully she's fine.

Grand Lisboa Hotel

Senado Square
From Grand Lisboa, we walked to Senado Square. Senado Square is actually just an open space surrounded by shops. But what's interesting for me was its small alley that's so instagrammable. Oh, you should pass this square if you want to go to Ruins of St. Paul church.

Just a lovely corner of the street

Ruins of St. Paul's
It is actually a beautiful site, but the problem when I visited it was too many people that it gave me headache. Along the street, you can find many shops from souvenir, shoes, egg tart, and many more. My favorite part was entering a food souvenir shop and eat all of their samples until my stomach was full, hahaha.
Looks like a pretty clean shot, but actually so many struggles to get this shot in the middle of the crowd!

Too many people >.<

This shot was a struggle too

People. People everywhere.

Try the egg tart. It's so tasty.


Don't forget to try their pork bun. HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY. The only thing made me smile after fighting going through the insane crowd.

Oh, I miss you, my pork bun!
Again, when we were about to enjoy our pork bun, we found the cute alley to explore.

The side way of the ruins actually produced a better pic :P

Pork bun saved my smile, hahaha

After visiting the ruins of St. Paul's, we walked back towards Senado Square to find any free shuttle bus going to Venetian. Because we didn't know which one to take and we lost our internet connection (yes, the sim card can only be used in Macau if we register it for roaming), we decided to return to Grand Lisboa hotel to take the free shuttle bus to Ferry Terminal again (this time, don't forget to take the bus ticket at the second floor. Still free, don't worry). From Ferry Terminal, we took free shuttle (again) to Venetian.
I honestly don't know why people visit Venetian. It's more like a mall with an artificial sky and artificial canal. Really, it has Zara, Uniqlo, and other branded stuffs (*rolling eyes*). Some malls in Indonesia are even bigger than it. The crowd was even crazier, maybe it was because the venue was indoor. That time, the happiness of the pork bun I ate was already dissolved. Poof. Just like that. I needed a break. So, we went to McDonald and bought a cold drink.

After that, we were too tired to explore other places that we decided to returned to Ferry Terminal to try our luck getting the earlier ferry return to Hong Kong (oh, I missed Hong Kong). Guess what? No seat in earlier Ferry. So, we returned on schedule, which was 20.35.

Thank you Macau, for the interesting day. I believe you are a beautiful country, if there's not too many people >.<

See you in my next post!

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  1. We, then, went to the Turbojet ticketing counter and bought our ticket. Due to holiday, our ticket price was raised about HKD 164, so, it's total HKD 530 for round trip. Sooo expensive :( bovegas


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