What I Wear for Spring Trip to Japan: Pack Lightly

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If you're wondering where did we stay during the trip, I stayed in an apartment which was a minute walk from Taisho Station. I brag over and over again about my apartment in Osaka. With only USD 35 per night, I got more than what I could expect. My apartment was small but I got everything I needed. It was like a student apartment with one tatami room (fit perfectly for 2 fluffy futon beds), a kitchen, and bathroom (with bathtub! wohoo!). The most important thing is the location! Only ONE minute walk from Taisho station and train to airport stops at Taisho station too! Downstairs, there is an izakaya (bar) which open until midnight for my late night hungry stomach. The host even gave me bicycle and pocket wifi to use. How cool is that! Click here to view my apartment in Osaka.

If you're new to Airbnb and you plan to create Airbnb account, you can use my reference link to get about IDR 295,000 discount (about USD 22) on your first book. Simply click here or visit https://www.airbnb.com/c/pmayasari1?s=8. 

For a tropical person like me, spring weather is a bit...confusing, especially on early May which it was in the middle of spring and summer. Took time to figure out how many clothes I should wear, since I only bring one cabin size luggage. I didn't want to stuff my luggage with unnecessary things (although at the end it was filled with snacks, hahaha).

I checked the weather through Accuweather daily before my departure and it said the weather there is about 18-14 degree Celsius. I thought it was pretty warm that I wouldn't need a puffy jacket and thermal inner. So, here we go.

Day 1: Rainy but warm
The rain fell constantly from the second I arrived at the city (about 11 am) until evening. The wind was a bit chilly. So, I put on my jacket over my turtle neck t-shirt when I visited Osaka Castle. But when it was dinner time and the rain stopped, I took off the jacket. The tight I wore was not too thick. I just like my outfit with tight. The temperature in the afternoon was about 15 degree C.

Still raining!

Rainy and windy

Outer: Stradivarius
Shirt: Uniqlo turtle neck suprima (not heattech)
Skirt: local shop
Tight: Bianca Maria
Shoes: Nike (I only bring one shoes)
Backpack: Uma Hana

Day 2: Sunny!
Day 2 was the day I visited Arashiyama and Kinkakuji in Kyoto. It was sunny, yaiy! But I still bring my coat in case the temperature dropped at night when I was in Shinsaibashi. Still wearing my tight, as I felt more comfortable wearing it than jeans. In the afternoon, it was about 16 degree C and in the evening it was 14 degree C.

Took off my jacket. I even bought soft ice cream.
The wind blew, but I still managed it. It was a cool afternoon.
Windy night
Outer: Stradivarius
Dress: Cottonink
Tight: Bianca Maria
Shoes: Nike
Backpack: Uma Hana
Hat: local shop

Day 3: Too much sun!
Unexpectedly it was a hot Sunday. The sun stroke so brightly, it almost felt like summer was on my doorstep. The temperature was about 18 degree in the morning but it dropped and started to windy again in the evening (about 15 degree). Luckily, since it was spring, the cool wind still blew in the afternoon, so I could still endure the heat, especially when I wore Kimono in Kiyomizudera.

Starting to feel thirsty right on the second I went out from the apartment
I even put on my sunglasses at Fushimi Inari
Thanks to the spring wind, the kimono didn't feel too suffocating
Kimono was surprisingly really comfortable to wear
Shirt: Uniqlo knit wear (but it's not warm. I swear. It is a loose knit)
Skirt: Minimal (local store)
Bag: Uma Hana
Kimono: rent at a local shop near Kiyomizudera

Day 4: Rainy and chilly!
Day 4 was our last day in Japan. We supposed to go to Universal Studio, but rain fell HARD. It was cold (about 13 degree in the afternoon) and I almost refused to go out. The only outfit left in my luggage was a thin knit blouse and jeans. So I put it on and went to Kuromon market for an afternoon snack. I regretted my decision wearing jeans. Turned out wet jeans froze my bones. So was wet sneakers. I should've worn my tight and bought a pair of boots. I spent many times running and hiding in warm places (and cursing, hahaha. Sorry :P). Luckily, it got warmer when the rain stopped.
I even had no energy left for OOTD pics

I even stole my Dad's scarf because mine was soaking wet. Sorry, Dad.
Outer: Stradivarius
Shirt: Cotton On
Jeans: local shop
Tight: Bianca Maria
Shoes: Nike (I only bring one shoes)
Backpack: Uma Hana

For you who are from a country which only has summer for the whole year, if you are going overseas for the first time in an unfamiliar climate, here are some tips:
  • Transition weather is tricky. For example, end of spring to early summer. It can get cold, it can get hot. Whatever they want to be. They don't care. I suggest you to pack a good jacket. Trench coat is fashionable. But if you hate bulky jacket, get one ultra-light down jacket from Uniqlo. You can roll it into ball and stuff it in your backpack.
  • Jeans are not always warm. Sometimes wearing thick tight is warmer. Especially on rainy day, jeans is a bad idea. If you still want to wear jeans, make sure you have layer underneath it. You can wear heattech legging from Uniqlo, for example. Just don't let the jeans interact with your skin in the first place.
  • For me, it is better to have 12 degree weather but sunny rather than 14 degree but rainy. Rain and wind are enemies. You should protect yourself from them. A good down jacket is good to defense you chest and stomach from chilly wind. Don't forget scarf for your neck. If you still feel cold, get a hot chocolate or even a hot pack.
  • Check weather forecast in the morning before you go anywhere. In Japan, I trust their local weather forecast than Accuweather. It was scarily accurate. 
  • Boots are savior for your feet especially in cold and rainy weather. I felt my feet numb once because every time I took a step with my wet sneakers, the cold hit me. I hate that feeling so much.

There you go. I hope it helps :) 

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