Haneul Park: The Autumn Poem of Seoul

4:42 PM

This is the first time I made my post title so poetic. Because IT IS poetic! Haneul Park's scenery is THAT POETIC!

It was a windy afternoon (approximately 12 degree Celsius), we're cold, jet lagged, and we just had food coma from eating too much foods at Gwangjang Market. I almost dropped Haneul Park from our itinerary because at that time, rolling inside a fluffy blanket in the apartment sounds warm.

Thank God we still walked our feet to the subway station heading to World Cup Stadium station.

Arriving at the World Cup Stadium subway station, we walked upstairs and instantly amazed by the red and orange autumn leafs spread all over the parking lot.

Now let's start to find the park!
First, find the east gate of the stadium.

Climb the stairs.

Keep left and turn left!

Pause for a while to pose :))
Climb down these stairs. Do you see the hill up there? Prepare yourself because that's where we are going. 
Walk toward the hill you see in above picture. You will see below signage.

Haneul Park 850m? Lie. They don't tell you about the hiking.

While taking a rest for a while, we found a beautiful row of red and orange autumn leafs.
Warming up before hiking!
Follow this road
Man, you're not cold?

You will find below bridge.

We're getting closer...to the entrance of the hiking trail :))

Go, Bro!

You can't miss this beautiful city view!

Seoul City, saranghaeyo!
There are total 290 steps to climb. Wohoo!

70 steps to go!

Yes, you have reached the top of the hill, but wait... you're not there yet! You're not at Haneul Park yet before you see...

This breathtaking white scenery.

JUST LOOK AT THAT! *still excited*

Quickly got my Canon in my hands.
I was glad I was here when autumn
I went there on Friday afternoon. Maybe that's why I was still able to get many clear shots without too many people around me. I couldn't imagine if it was weekend.

Let's explore the park further!
From all the pictures, I think this is the most beautiful one :)
How dramatic is this place!
Are those birds' houses?
But it's freakin' pretty against the horizon!
...and against the sunset!
From that stage (or whatever), you can get the whole view of the park

Ok. My feet were getting hurt. It was getting freezing. My hands were already getting numb. I think it was time to go down.

Don't forget to get the city view from here!
There's no way we could do another walk, even though it's downstairs. We were too tired for it. That's why, we chose to take the shuttle bus. You have to buy the bus ticket from the machine near the bus. I think it's about 4,000 KRW per person. I'm not sure. Better check there.

Sorry for the shaky picture. I took this picture while running to catch the bus.
It was a tiring journey but so much fun!
I won't miss this place when returning to Seoul. Thank you Haneul Park for the poetic pictures! Oh, and thank you to my brother too, Widhi, who took a lot of amazing pictures of me in this post :3

See you in my next post!

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