Seek Your Peace at Arashiyama

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Arashiyama is well-known for its iconic bamboo forest. True. But for me, Arashiyama is more than just a bamboo forest. It's a place full of breathtaking view and fresh air.

We took off from Osaka Station on Saturday morning. From Osaka Station, we took train to Kyoto Station. Before taking train to Arashiyama, we strolled around Kyoto Station for taking some pictures because Kyoto Station has a very stunning architecture. We even had a cup of hot tea and some donuts there.

Inside Kyoto Station

In front of Kyoto Station

The train travel from Osaka Station-Kyoto Station-Saga Arashiyama took about 45 minutes. Of course if you have JR Pass, you can take Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Station to Kyoto Station even though it will be a very short trip.

Arriving at Saga Arashiyama Station, we turned right and followed the road which took us to the street full of happiness (I mean, full of food hahaha).

Let's find something to eat!

Matcha or Soy Soft Ice Cream? I just couldn't decide!

Before heading to the famous bamboo groove, we stopped by Tenryu-ji Temple, but because we had to catch time to Kinkakuji after that, we decided not to visit the zen garden.
In front of Tenryu-ji Temple

Inside the temple area

My Dad was kinda obsessed with this tree, hahaha
We, then, followed the direction to the bamboo groove. I have to say, if you want to see the postcard-like scenery of its bamboo forest, avoid coming on the weekend. Coming on early morning even better. I could only catch few good pictures without having packed by people. So sad, but it's okay. It was still fun after all.


Wearing Kimono for walking through the bamboo forest is also a good idea

We kept walking, following the path, enjoying the vibe, until we reached the intersection. We decided not to continue finding another temple, nor park. Instead, we headed to Torokko train station. I knew that my father would enjoy the train ride rather than keep walking.

Torokko train is actually a tourist train. With 620 yen, I really enjoyed the open-air train ride with breathtaking scenery around it. If you want to take this train, please note that the train might be full on weekend or holiday season. So, it's better to check the train schedule and arrive at the station early to get a seat. We weren't lucky enough to get a seat, so we stood for the whole ride and didn't get the best view :(

Torokko train, the magical train!

Look at the view! It must be more dramatic in the autumn.

After the fun ride, before heading back to JR station

I promise myself that I will come here again in the autumn season for a more breathtaking view!

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