My Accommodation Preference When Traveling

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Please note: I'm not sponsored to write this article. It's pure based on my preference.

Accommodation is one of the biggest concern when traveling for me. Sometimes it takes days of browsing to find the perfect place to stay by considering the location, facilities, price, review, and everything. In my opinion, the quality of your sleep determines how much energy you are able to recharge for the next day. And oh, I'm a scaredy-cat when it comes to night, hahaha.

Below is my rank of preference when it comes to travel accommodation.

1. Personal Listing (Airbnb)
Once again, Airbnb didn't pay me to write this article. I just love staying at people personal room or apartment and Airbnb makes it easy for me to find it. I always use Airbnb to find a place to stay when I traveled to Osaka, Taipei, and upcoming Seoul. Why? Well, here are some reasons:

  • A lot of places offer a clean and well-maintained room with many facilities, from towel, shampoo, body wash, cable TV, portable wifi, umbrella, mini kitchen, and even washing machine, with reasonable price. And what I mean by reasonable price is a cheaper price than a hotel with similar facilities. 
  • Review won't lie. Don't be afraid to search. Find a place that has a lot of review. Believe me, review in Airbnb won't lie. Take your time reading some reviews and you will get the expectation of what the room will be like.
  • This is personal. You know, I sometimes travel with my family, which means it needs space for 3 or 4 people. It's sometimes hard to find hotel that can accommodate us in one room (we, of course, prefer in the same room). We need to pay for extra bed or 2 rooms. I feel like it's a waste rent for 2 rooms when we only need space for 3 people. 1 person will feel lonely alone in one room. In Airbnb, a lot of rooms that are big enough for 3 or 4 people.
  • Faster communication with the host. Places with good or excellent review usually have fast-responded hosts. If not, someone must have complained in the review. I'm tired of facing hotel receptionist that knows a little English only. Or some system problems that cannot be solved by their staff . By far, all apartment rooms I've stayed in during my travel have the best host in terms of helpfulness and fast-respond. They spoke English well, were easy to reach only by Airbnb message or Whatsapp, friendly, and responded well to my inquiries. One time when I was in Taipei, I got injured and I needed to extend my stay. The host (which doesn't stay in the same roof) came to my room and we settled everything at one time. 
  • I feel like home. Yeah, some of you will think I'm silly, hahaha. But staying in an apartment room makes me feel like I really stay in the city. I can wake up in the morning, turn on the TV to see the weather forecast, and cook breakfast as much as I want. I don't feel like a stranger in someone else's city. I love that simple feeling :D
  • Discount! Yaiy! You may already know that if we sign up in Airbnb for the first time, we will get discount if we are using someone else's referral link. Also, when we are already signed up, we can invite other people to join Airbnb and we will get discount also when then people we invited book through Airbnb. I like discount :)) (oh, if you don't have Airbnb account yet, you can get IDR 295,000 or about USD 22 discount by signing up through my link:

2. Hostel
You must be asking, why hostel not hotel? First, because it's cheaper. This is especially when I do solo traveling. Umm...actually it depends on the hostel. I will also choose carefully which hostel that has nice place and excellent review. A lot of backpacker hostels have good location, good price, and free breakfast. But I usually only pick a female-room and won't pick a room with more than 8 people. Please also note that staying in backpacker hostel is not convenient for a traveler with big suitcase (dude, it's backpacker hostel). Another reason why I love staying in a hostel is because I can meet many people from many different countries. It's really interesting, especially if you find a group of cute guys hahaha (nevermind).

3. Hotel
Unless it's a 4 or 5-star hotel, unless I have no other choice, or unless I have a real deal coupon, then I will stay in a hotel. I will try to avoid hotel especially when I travel alone. Yes, some of you will argue that it's the safest place to stay for a solo female traveler, but I have a weird and creepy feeling about staying alone in a hotel. It's just me, okay? Maybe I watch too many detective series.

There you go. Make a priority list of what is the most important of choosing accommodation. Is it the price? Then you might want to pick a hostel. Or is it the size of the room? Try an apartment room. Or you want the most fancy place? Then, hotel it is. See you in my next post!

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