Eat 'til Drop at Kuromon Market

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It's been a while since I promised to you I will upload article for each place I visited in Osaka and Kyoto. It's not that I was too lazy to upload my blog, I was just busy speeding up writing my novel, Deuce (it's in Bahasa Indonesia. You can read it here).

This morning I visited some blogs and...yeah, I felt sorry for my blog :(

So this is it, an article about Kuromon Market. Finally.

Kuromon market is one of my favorite place in Osaka. Honestly, when I planned to visit Osaka, I didn't put Kuromon market in my itinerary. It was my last day in Osaka. Me and my father were supposed to have fun and Universal Studio Japan. But it was raining and cold for us who usually face full-year of summer (I-N-D-O-N-E-S-I-A!). I didn't think it was a good idea to bring my father to USJ with such weather. So I scrolled some blogs and found Kuromon market and dragged my father there, hahaha.

If you're wondering where did we stay during the trip, I stayed in an apartment which was a minute walk from Taisho Station. I brag over and over again about my apartment in Osaka. With only USD 35 per night, I got more than what I could expect. My apartment was small but I got everything I needed. It was like a student apartment with one tatami room (fit perfectly for 2 fluffy futon beds), a kitchen, and bathroom (with bathtub! wohoo!). The most important thing is the location! Only ONE minute walk from Taisho station and train to airport stops at Taisho station too! Downstairs, there is an izakaya (bar) which open until midnight for my late night hungry stomach. The host even gave me bicycle and pocket wifi to use. How cool is that! Click here to view my apartment in Osaka.

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We took subway to Nipponbashi Station. Before heading to Kuromon market, we stopped by at a cozy coffee shop near exit 2 and had a cup of hot chocolate to warm up our bodies. Just 2 minutes walking from exit 2, we arrived at the market. 
Dad, in front of the market

The market surprised us, in a good way. Fresh seafood with affordable price was the first thing we saw and made us drool. We hop from one shop to another to try different seafood. I never saw my father ate that much before. Oh, you can have the seafood raw as sashimi and sushi, or you can have it grilled.
Oh my scallops!
Oden, a perfect snack for this cold rainy weather
Freeesh seafood...

Not just seafood. You can also buy many things there, from souvenirs, fruits, flowers, house appliances, and tea.
The market hallway. Clean and you can find many interesting stuffs here!
My favorite shop!
I never saw strawberries this big! And it has Kumamon on its box!
We stopped at this shop which sells many kinds of tea. Our family loves drinking tea, so we thought tea was a good souvenir to bring home. 
Everything about tea.

The shop is owned by a very kind old couple. They will brew you a cup of tea you want to buy as sample. 
I love this green tea!
They will brew you a sample for each tea you want to buy.

They were so happy because I spoke Japanese, so we had a nice chat. After payment, the old lady asked me to hold on. Suddenly she poured A LOT of chocolate candies into my shopping bag. She said those were for me and my dad to chew on our way home. What a lovely couple :')
Dad with the grandma. Her husband was busy explaining tea to other customers, so he couldn't join the picture.

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