Bali Pulina: More than Just A Cup of Coffee

11:35 AM

Located in Tegalalang (Gianyar-Bali), Bali Pulina is an agro-tourism destination, NOT just a coffee shop. When you visit it, make sure you're not in a rush because you will be enjoying every single sip of your coffee there. They do not only provide coffee and tea, but also an open scenery which makes your coffee-time more memorable (and instagramable!). You can also see Luwak (or in Balinese, we call it Lubak), an Asian palm civet that makes the best coffee.

When I went there with my boyfriend in 2015, we had to pay IDR 100,000 for the entrance fee. I don't know how much entrance fee they are applying for foreigners, but I heard they are also having partnership with some hotels, so maybe it will be included in the tour package.

Free welcome drink and snack to enjoy the scenery
Time went so slowly here...

I have to be honest, nothing new in Bali Pulina for a local like me. I can have everything they serve there, anytime; my grandfather has the rice-field and farm with a similar ambiance; we even pet Lubak once (not for coffee, hahaha. My uncle just thought they were cute :3 ). Seriously, the place smelled like my grandfather's house in Tabanan.

There are many tables with different view
the upper tables
This table is a bit hidden. Perfect for a private time.

But what made my boyfriend and I spent almost 5 hours there?

I'm not sure either, but I felt like time went slower there. I mean, drinking coffee while admiring how beautiful the scenery was, made the conversation just flowed. We talked and laughed about everything. Not to mention a lot of spots there that were so instagramable. Taking one picture was not enough! All the staffs there were also so friendly and helpful. It was my best coffee-time ever!

PS: they do not provide main course. So it's not a place to have lunch.

Fresh air!

Not ready to go home :(

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