How Fukuoka Stole My Heart (Jenesys 2.0 Program 2013): Futon, Noh Theater, and Idol School

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In my previous article I wrote that when I joined Jenesys program, I didn't only go to Tokyo, but also Fukuoka.

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After spending several days in Tokyo, on one pretty cold morning with ANA Airline, we flew to Fukuoka. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when visiting Fukuoka. When I landed, the first thing came into my mind: Fukuoka was warmer than Tokyo. I took my jacket off, took the subway for a session with local government. They talked about how the implement Cool Japan campaign for their city.
After a short session, we went to take subway to Hakata Station and stayed in Green Hotel. It was my first time staying in a hotel with Japanese room and turned out it was so comfy, even though we shared for 5 people. The tatami was so Japanese style. The futon and the blanket was so warm and comfortable. The excitement was, of course, when we saw oshi-ire, the place where they store the futon. All of us wanted to try like Doraemon, so we climbed inside it, hahaha.
At night, we went for a random walk. Not sure what we were looking for, but we found a matsuri near Nakasu area. Jackpot!
With all the dancers!
In the next morning, we went to Noh Theater. Noh Theater is a traditional Japanese stage play. We were not allowed to take picture or video during the play, so I can only took the photo of the stage. 
The stage of Noh Theater
 They taught us to do some cool stuffs here, from playing the small drum, how to exaggerate your emotion for the play, and trying the mask.
Before getting into the theater, we have to wear special socks. They even asked our shoe size on the previous day.
My friend, Pook, from Thailand tried one of their costume. It took almost an hour to put it on her.

The tatami room for the class

 From traditional, we went for a modern one. We visited Nishi Nippon Daigaku which has...wait for idol major! Yes, in that school, they learn how to dance, sing, acting, and modeling. The school is for girls only (they even don't have toilet for male). The students entertain us by singing, dancing, and modeling on the catwalk. Our male group members went crazy. Of course, cute girls alert!
They even have their own catwalk stage
We then had an okonomiyaki for dinner. It was the first time I tried to cook my own okonomiyaki. They prepared the ingredient, then we just had to mix it up and pour it onto the pan. So fun!
This is the ingredient
and cook!
My friends Cat & Bic were having too much fun, hahaha
I'm glad we visited Fukuoka. I mean, it may not as popular as Tokyo or Osaka, but it has a lot of fun too! I'll see you in my next post about onsen and having party with local people!

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