Indonesian Passport Bureaucracy: Simple and Easy!

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As I said in my previous post, I impulsively made my passport. It was when I came home to Bali for holiday. I made my passport in Denpasar immigration office (Jl. D.I. Panjaitan, Renon). Actually you can make your passport at any immigration office in Indonesia, but I chose Bali because all of the documents required are kept by my parents in Bali. 

You can check the documents required to make Indonesian passport here:
Oh, and they also provide online document uploading, so you can directly come to do document verification, payment, interview, and photo. I chose not to upload it online because the queue in Denpasar immigration office was not so long. Besides, I just lolled at home. I needed to move my feet, hahaha. 

My suggestion is you better recheck to immigration office about the requirement, because from my experience, if you are student then you need your father/mother to sign some kind of statement letter and form. So is when your name in your ID card is different with your family card or birth certificate, then you need a statement letter from your local officer (kecamatan/kelurahan/desa, I seriously forget). Don't worry, they prepare every form, every template, at their front desk. Ask them and they will help you. They will also insist to check your required documents before you take your queue number, they will inform you if there is a document missing or if you made mistakes in filling your document and you can't get your queue number before you fix it.  

I visited immigration office for three times. The first visit was about an hour (depends on the queue), to do document verification and to get interview & photo schedule. Usually it will be the next day. The second visit (the next day) was longer, about two and half hour. I did the payment, only IDR 255.000. The fee for each kind of passport was written on their board, transparently and visibly, so I knew that it was true. After paying, I need to wait for photo. The officer who took my photo was so nice. He asked me whether I would like him to retake or not and we joked about my big pimple on my right cheek (I swear, it wasn't there on the previous day!). The interview session maybe a little bit more tense, but don't worry, as long as you answer it clearly, it will be alright. Mine was done in less than 2 minutes. When I said I was studying in University of Indonesia and wanted to go to Singapore for holiday, he stopped asking. You will need to sign your passport at that time. This is important. Don't be nervous. I'm serious. I met someone who got really nervous when signing and she forgot how to finish her signature. The third visit was about a week after, to get my passport (actually could be less, but they don't count weekend, so it ended up the next week). You can ask your father/mother/brother/sister to get it for you, as long as their name is in your family card.

Other things that might be important for you to know:
  • Don't forget to choose "48 pages passport", they said "24 pages passport" is only for TKI.
  • No need to buy passport cover or special folder for required document. Passport cover is not mandatory now (I covered my passport with a cute cover I bought in Scoop, hahaha) and folder will be given when you are verifying your documents. 
  • Don't cut your ID card copy. Leave it as it is in A4 paper and and make the front & back side of the copy in one side of the paper. If you are not sure, just get your copy done in immigration's office Koperasi. They know what to do. 
  • The payment should be made in cash.
  • Wear formal attire to immigration office. Doesn't have to be office attire, but avoid wearing shorts, mini skirt, T-shirt, and sandals especially to your interview session. 
  • If you have no time to come twice, I suggest you to do online documents uploading rather than using "calo".
  • Prepare some "materai".
  • Their service for making passport closed at lunch time, the rest of the day is for those who want to take their passport. I suggest you to come in the morning.
So, that's it! Hope the information helps and if you have corrections to my article or just want to share your experience about making passport, feel free to comment! Oh, I'm not a passport expert. This is just my experience.

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